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Uncontested Florida Divorce

No Kids Got Agreement with Spouse ?

An uncontested Florida Divorce is simple and does not need to cost a lot of money. Divide your property and debt and let us know whether you or your spouse will pay spousal support (alimony). Give us the details and we will prepare all required legal documents for you and your spouse to sign. Your case will be filed in the county where you reside and set for a short (about 2 minutes) final hearing about 30 days later. You can choose our NO HEARING** option and everything is done electronically. You will not need to attend the short final hearing.


ONE of you must be a Florida resident for at least 6 months prior to the filing of your  Florida divorce case. Residency is proven by filing a copy of your valid Florida license or voter’s registration. If you or your spouse does not have either, Florida divorce lawyer can prepare and file an affidavit from a witness who knows that you or spouse has been a Florida resident for more than 6 months.

Got Children? Here’s what you need to know?


Florida divorce law really doesn’t use that term anymore. Instead we talk in terms of parental responsibility and a parenting plan. You must tell the court who will be responsible for the children (usually shared parental responsibility unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise), when they will spend time with each parent and other details regarding costs for extracurricular activities, health and dental insurance and travel expenses. The court is most concerned with your children and their best interests.

Child Support

The Florida legislature devised a complicated formula to calculate child support that must be done in every case.  Steven D. Miller, Esq. will prepare the Florida Child Support Guidelines Worksheet which must be filed in every case. The Steven D. Miller, Esq. child support calculator computes child support in accordance with the child support calculator Florida formula. In all likelihood it will be reviewed by the judge or case manager assigned to your case to make sure it matches up with the financial affidavits and parenting plan filed.


Florida Divorce, Florida Divorce Lawyer, Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer

Contested Florida Divorce

No Florida divorce agreement? The process begins when one party files a petition for divorce and has it served on the other. Once served by the local sheriff or process server (take the documents if they knock on the door), a party has 20 days to respond. There are other Florida divorce rules that must be followed and Fort lauderdale divorce lawyer will guide you through the process to make it smooth and always for a fair fee.

Divorce lawyer for “Online Divorce” information including Florida Alimony, Child Support, Child Custody, Relocation of minor children, Modifications and all other Florida family law matters.



Why a Florida Divorce Lawyer?
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Florida Resident in the Military? We can help!

We do not recommend the no-hearing option when there are children.

Click or Call and we will explain why?

Post Judgment Issues (after the divorce is final)

Steven D. Miller, Esq. the online Florida divorce law firm will represent you in any post jjudgment legal proceeding including the following:

  • Modification of Alimony, Child support, Child Custody or
  • Relocation of minor child(ren)
  • Motions for Enforcement or Contempt regarding prior court orders.

Hire Steven D. Miller, Esq. for one issue, one hearing or the entire case; always for a Fair Fee. Florida Resident in the Military? We can help!

**We do not recommend the no-hearing option when there are children.  Click or Call and we will explain why?