Collaborative Divorce – Worth the Time and Money?

Posted in Florida Family Law on May 22, 2017

Simply put, the collaborative process is designed to help people resolve issues without jumping into or if the case has been commenced,  jumping out of the wonderful world of divorce court.  A worthy endeavor to be sure but, like anything else, the devil is in the details.  Without question, couples who choose to get divorced… read more

What is Contempt of Court?

Posted in Child Support on April 15, 2017

Simply put, contempt of court is defined as a willful violation of a court order.  Have you done something that a judge ordered you not to do or failed to do something a judge ordered you to do?  If so, you may be in contempt of court, maybe. Your case is finally over.  The final… read more

Florida Paternity Information

Posted in Florida Family Law on April 6, 2017

It takes two to tango and, as it so happens, two to make a baby.  Identifying the mother – not an issue.  Paternity is the legal process used to establish legal rights and responsibilities regarding a child.  Most would think that being the biological father (the proverbial “sperm donor”) automatically gives him legal rights to… read more

How to Modify Timesharing Custody

Posted in Custody on March 25, 2017

Timesharing is the current term utilized in Florida to describe just that – how the parents will share time with their children.  It’s a safe, politically correct term that offends no-one.  Back in the day, before the legislature saw fit to make a change, it was called custody.  We talked about primary and secondary parents;… read more

How to Get Full Child Custody

Posted in Custody,Florida Family Law on March 15, 2017

One question we get at least two or three times per week is “How do I get full custody of my kids?” It’s not a question that is unique to mother or father. When there is a breakdown of the marriage, a change in the child raising aspect of the family will invariably occur.   There… read more

How to Maintain Father’s Rights

Posted in Custody on March 15, 2017

Without question, fathers start the legal process behind the eight-ball; for those who do not play pool that is not a very good place to begin. Why is that? What is it about father’s that invariably put them on unequal footing with their female counterpart – the mother? Does not the father have equal rights… read more

Why People Hate Lawyers

Posted in Lawyers on February 17, 2017

Webster’s dictionary defines SCUMBAG as a person who is a “dishonest, unkind, or unpleasant person.” Sounds like a description many people have for lawyers. A lawyer’s job is to advance the interests of their client, within the boundaries of the law – based upon facts, not just B.S. that you make up. The problem is… read more

The Divorce Process Explained by a Lawyer

Posted in Lawyers on February 17, 2017

The divorce rate in Florida is OUT OF CONTROL!  The breakdown of the family unit in Florida and all other states will be the demise of our great country.  What a shame! If your marriage is IRRETRIEVABLY BROKEN you are entitled to get a Florida divorce – no if’s and’s or but’s about it.  The… read more

Divorce Laws and Proceedings

Posted in Florida Family Law on February 17, 2017

A divorce is known as “Termination of marriage” in Florida. Florida is a “no –fault” state. If you want to get divorced, the Florida divorce court will do just that. There is a little used provision in Florida divorce law that allows a judge to stay the proceedings (i.e., place the entire case “on hold) for 6… read more

Things to Know About Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Posted in Lawyers on February 17, 2017

There are 2 types of divorce cases: CONTESTED DISSOLUTION: When there are some questions related to the case being filed for a divorce by a spouse, or when one party disagrees on getting divorced, how to divide property/debt or how to deal with child related issues. UNCONTESTED DISSOLUTION: When you and your spouse agree on… read more