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Two Signature Divorce – No FInancial affidavits required

Posted in Florida Family Law on March 11, 2022

If No Kids, No Alimony, Agreement on division of property and debt, and willing to attend 5-minute Zoom hearing:  You and your spouse sign two pieces of paper – The Two Signature Divorce ™ and we get you divorced about 30 days later.  NO financial affidavits required.

With Florida divorce attorney Steven D. Miller’s Two Signature Divorce™  – complete your divorce fully online, and no financial affidavits are required.  Here’s how it works:  Give us a call, we’ll take the necessary information in about 15 minutes.  Most importantly, if you have property or debt to divide, we need to know how you are going to do so (tell us during our meeting or post it on your client portal).  If you have nothing to divide, we’ll include the necessary language in the marital settlement agreement.

We keep you informed

We will send you a dedicated text number and access to your secure client portal. We introduce you to the paralegal working on your case with Steven D. Miller.   Any questions?  Send us a message on the portal and we will respond in short order.  We reply as quickly as possible:  we always strive to quicken response time.

When your documents are prepared, we share them on your client portal.  You will review them for accuracy.  If changes/corrections are necessary to the marital settlement agreement, send a message and we’ll make the change.  Once approved, we will forward the documents for online signing and, if in Florida, notarizing.

Florida divorce law calls this a simplified dissolution.  We have dubbed it the Two Signature Divorce™ to inform those that do not want to file a financial affidavit and don’t require one from your spouse, that there is no need for them unless you have children, or someone will be getting alimony (spousal support).  If that’s you:  sign two pieces of paper and attend a short Zoom hearing – The Two Signature Divorce.™

Are Divorces Easy in Florida?

Florida divorce law does not need to complicated. The issues are the same in every case: (1) equitable distribution of marital property and debt; (2) consideration of whether either spouse has a valid claim for spousal support.; and (3) resolution of child related issues.  If children are involved, a parenting plan must be filed, and child support must be calculated.

Cases involving children or alimony do not qualify for the Two Signature Divorce. In those cases, financial disclosure is required.  Financial information is required in order to properly calculate child support and, in cases of alimony, the first look at someone’s ability to pay spousal support.

Make sure the process you choose is the best one for you.  The Two Signature Divorce™ is the most convenient Florida Divorce process for couples with no minor children or claims for alimony.  Couples in that situation usually just want to get divorced as easy as possible and move on with life.  Getting a Florida Divorce lawyer to explain the divorce process will usually cost a hefty consultation fee.  Steven D. Miller provides free consultation to all potential clients.  It’s not rocket science, and we prefer to ease the stress of the process.  For your free consultation, call Steven D. Miller, 877-348-3354 or contact us via our online contact form.

No kids or alimony?  Don’t want to file financial affidavit?  The Two Signature Divorce™ might be your best option.