How We Work

When you retain Steven D. Miller, P.A., the fair fee online Divorce Law Firm, you will be educated about the Florida divorce process. We tell you what you need to know, NOT what you want to hear.  We will meet online (Skype, Face Time, email), in our office or on the phone.  Most of our clients choose not to come to the office.  There are very few times we really need you there.  We take advantage of all the latest technology because our goal is simple: getting the job done properly and cost effectively.

Online Florida Divorce Process

Steven D. Miller, P.A. is fair fee divorce alternative to the usual Florida divorce Law Firm.  Whether you need a Florida divorce with children or divorce without children, we take care of business quickly and cost effectively.

  1. Steven D. Miller, P.A. intake session (Skype, Face Time, in the office or on the phone). We will inform and educate you about the complex rules governing Florida Divorces or family law matter.  We offer the necessary information you need about all issues particular to your case such as division of assets and liabilities, alimony, child custody and time-sharing of the child(ren). You and your spouse will complete and exchange financial affidavits that we provide for you.
  2. You will tell us how you are going to divide your property and debt, whether your case is a divorce with or without children, which will be included in your marital settlement agreement prepared by your fair fee divorce Law Firm.
  3. If you have children, we need to know about them.  More importantly, the court needs to know about them.  You and your spouse are required to take a parenting class.  Nothing is more important to you or the court than the welfare of your children, period. For Fair Fee Divorce, Divorce With or Without Children, Divorce Hearings, Legal Consultations and More!
  4. Steven D. Miller, P.A. will prepare your Marital Settlement/Separation Agreement and all other court papers usually within a (2) business day turn-around time.   They need to be signed.  Experience tells us that our clients prefer to receive their documents by email and return them by fax or email.  If that is not your preference, no problem.  Come in to our office and sign away.
  5. Steven D. Miller, P.A., the affordable fair fee Florida divorce Law Firm will promptly prepare your divorce requirements Florida case for filing whether in Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami or any other Florida city.  We’ll get you through the process as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Steven D. Miller, P.A. Divorce Lawyer

The bottom line is that when you choose Steven D. Miller, P.A. as the Florida divorce Law Firm preparing all required documents based upon information you provide, you will know that the Marital Settlement/Separation Agreement and associated paperwork is in order. You will know that you’ll be divorced in Florida properly, reliably and hassle free.

Steven D. Miller, P.A., the online Divorce Law Firm for an education about the divorce process and how to get a divorce online.

“When it’s time to leave . . . Call Steve.”  It’s a smart, smart thing to do!


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