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Calculate Child Support in Florida

Steven D. Miller, P.A., of his private practice, is dedicated to providing those seeking a divorce in Florida with the most information possible to help them reach their goals. Here, he has provided a simple way for you to calculate an estimate of what you should expect to pay and receive for your child support agreement. Using our child support calculator Florida residents can figure out exactly what is expected of them. Plug in the numbers to find out what your child support payments will be.

Child Support Calculator | Florida Obligations

Our team at Steven D. Miller, P.A. created this calculator to make the correct calculation so you and your spouse know the correct obligations before you file your case. It must be calculated in every case with children – NO EXCEPTIONS. Plug in the numbers and away you go. A major factor in calculating child support is the number of nights each parent will have the children during the year.

The Florida child support calculator does not estimate; it calculates accurate requirements as prescribed by law.

Our child support and Florida child custody attorney Steven D. Miller, P.A. created the child support calculator for your use with all family law cases. Florida child support payments are calculated in accordance with the child support guidelines and rely on numbers from your financial affidavits, so you will need them to work out the calculations. One of the documents we prepare (based upon the information you provide) is the guidelines worksheet, which the judge will most definitely scrutinize.

Figure out how much you will pay or receive without having to waste time and money going to a lawyer’s office. Our calculator makes an accurate calculation based upon the information you input.

Florida Child Support Mobile App

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iPhone Child Support Calculator – To download the calculator to your iPhone

Well, most people getting a divorce with children want to know who will get child custody and how much support they will pay or receive. If you can get the answers with little, if any, work, effort or cost, I would say /child-issues/yes, there is value. How about you?

What Information Do I Need To Calculate Child Support?

  1. The number of children being considered for child support.
  2. The net monthly income for each Parent.
  3. Childcare costs paid by each parent (usually just your “daycare” amount, after school care and babysitting, if necessary on account of employment, job search or education calculated to result in employment or to enhance income or current employment.
  4. Health Insurance payments made by each parent.
  5. Dental/Vision insurance paid by each parent.
  6. Other support obligations, if any, of each parent.

This is the same requirement throughout the entire state of Florida. Parents in Orlando, Fort Launderdale, Naples, and Jacksonville will all be required the submit the same paperwork, and expected to pay the same amount of child support.

Florida Support Calculator – Accurate Requirements

Remember, the court will scrutinize the Florida financial affidavits and child support worksheet to see that the numbers used are the same. The court wants to make sure that the answer provided (i.e., the amount you calculated) is supported by the information in the financial affidavits.

Use any calculator, including ours, at your own peril. If you are getting divorced and have children, you should hire a competent lawyer (there are some of us around), to make sure the work and calculations get done properly. Trying to navigate the maze of Florida divorce court on your own is not fun and a big mistake.

Simple –it is foolish not to. Look, there are many very technical issues that must be addressed in every divorce and more when there are children involved. The Florida divorce courts do not really care about the parties, lawyers, their property or debt. Rather, the Florida divorce court is most concerned with children and will make very sure that all the “I’s have been dotted and “T’s” crossed. If not, when you get to the final hearing all excited to get divorced, the Florida divorce judge will send you home and you will need to fix whatever errors/omissions/problems the judge talked to you about.