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Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce Information

The LGBT community in the United States has fought for decades to have the same legal rights that all heterosexual couples are afforded. Prior to 2015 many same-sex couples were unable to get married. Those that were able to get married were often unable to get divorced if the state they lived in would not recognize the marriage.

The United States Supreme court required all states to recognize same-sex marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015. This allowed all same-sex couples to get married, but it more importantly gave everyone the same opportunity to divorce from a marriage that was not working out. The freedom of choice when it comes to marriage and divorce is an important one for everyone in the LGBT community, but when it comes to the legality of divorce there are still many hassles that the same-sex community may face.

The following resources were brought to you by Steven D. Miller to provide a guide for same-sex couples with questions about their rights.

Same-Sex Marriage History

Timeline of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage in the United States – An overview of major moments from 1970 to when same-sex marriage was legalized in all 50 states in 2015.

Same-Sex Divorce – What You Need to Know – Understanding the history of same-sex marriage and divorce laws can be useful when you are planning how to go about your own.

Gay & Lesbian Child Custody Rights

Child Custody Complications – The rules surrounding visitation and child custody are determined by state law and continue to change rapidly for gay parents.

Same-Sex Child Custody –  Legal issues associated with gay and lesbian adoption.

Adoption and Custody – Legal rights associated with gay and lesbian adoption and parental rights.

Calculating Child Custody – This tool is very important for families in Florida to find an accurate amount of what their child custody payments will be. This will vary by state.

Rights Protecting Same-Sex Couples

Healthcare Information – A health insurance company cannot treat a same-sex married couple any differently when it comes to coverage, premiums, and tax credits.

Social Security for Same-Sex Couples – Valuable information to understand if you are a same-sex couple with questions about your social security coverage.

FAQ for your Taxes – Frequently asked questions by same-sex married couples when it comes to filing your taxes.

HIPAA and Marriage Protection – The ability to make decisions concerning your spouse’s healthcare has been an issue same-sex couples have fought for many years.

Medicare Coverage – Information regarding Medicare coverage for same-sex couples.

Domestic Partnership – Requirements for a domestic partnership in Florida.

LGBT Couples Face Unique Challenges

Travel Information – Unfortunately, not all areas outside the US welcome the LGBTI community. Over 75 countries view same-sex sexual relations a crime with severe punishment. While most LGBTI people travel every year with no issue, it is important to understand what laws you might face before you go.

An Example of Same-Sex Divorce Complications – A story of a couple in Mississippi that is still fighting over child custody. Since Mississippi wouldn’t recognize them as married when they had children together one parent is still struggling with custody today.

Gay Marriage Followed by Divorce – A look at a couple that was married and divorced in California.

Important Statistics to Consider for the LGBT Community

Same-Sex Census Information – Recognizing same-sex couples can begin to change rates that are reported by the United States Census Bureau.

Suicide Attempts Down Following Same-Sex Marriage Legalization – A look at how suicide rates among High School students is dropping after the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Divorce Tips From a Financial Planner – How to protect your finances during a same-sex marriage and divorce.