Divorce Case Explained by Steven D. Miller

An Example of Why You Want a Trusted Divorce Lawyer

Posted in Lawyers on February 16, 2017

Webster’s dictionary defines SCOUNDREL as a person who is cruel or dishonest, which is how many people feel about lawyers.  Sometimes Florida divorce lawyer do things that may justify that thought.

Example: In most family law matters, a competent Florida family law attorney, if you tell him/her the facts, should be able to tell you how the case will be resolved within a reasonable degree of certainty, whether the case settles today, at mediation in a few months or at trial way down the road.

Here’s today’s SCOUNDREL of the day story:  Nutzel v. Nutzel, Lee County Florida. Here are the facts:  Iowa divorce, father moves to Fort Myers. A few months later, mom (my client) and baby move to Fort Lauderdale . They shuttle the child back and forth for about a year and all is well, UNTIL, mom gets a better job in New Orleans – where father’s family resides – and wants to move.

Without going into all the sordid details, she moved and Mr. Nutzel was not pleased. Keep in mind he never paid one penny of support. He filed suit in Lee County to force her return from New Orleans. Judge 1, The Honorable Elisabeth Adams, denied request on an emergency basis.

Father’s lawyer, Larry Smith, called to discuss case and because I understood facts and the law, told Larry mom and child not coming back and no Florida court would order her to do so. Well, Larry said some horrible things to me and hurt my feelings terribly; but here’s the real bad part: He told his client I was wrong, didn’t know what I was talking about and took a lot of his money – about $15,000.00 as I recall his client telling me .

Low and behold, after a full blown evidentiary hearing, again Judge Adams told Larry Smith – Miller right, you are wrong. Request to force her to return – DENIED.  What does Mr. Smith do? WITHDRAW – money gone and so was Mr. Smith.

Enter lawyer #2 – James Long – Fort Myers. Calls to discuss case, same discussion:

Mr. Long said some not so pleasant things and, again, hurts my feelings terribly. Case proceeds to a final hearing with new judge, The Honorable John Duryea. James Long took thousands of more dollars from Mr. Nutzel, a waiter, and undoubtedly assured him I was wrong. After another hearing, Judge Duryea looked at Lawyer Long and said – Miller right, Long wrong.  Money gone, Long gone. Mr. Nutzel left holding the bag. 2+ years of litigation and thousands of dollars paid by Mr. Nutzel to his lawyers. He was sold a “bill of goods” by both. Are they SCOUNDRELS?   You decide.

What did I charge my client – initial fee was under $1,000.00. Single mom, working hard to support child. Never took another penny. She paid court costs and travel expenses, period.

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