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Things to Know About Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Posted in Lawyers on February 17, 2017

There are 2 types of divorce cases:

CONTESTED DISSOLUTION: When there are some questions related to the case being filed for a divorce by a spouse, or when one party disagrees on getting divorced, how to divide property/debt or how to deal with child related issues.

UNCONTESTED DISSOLUTION: When you and your spouse agree on all issues such dividing property, debt, children if you have them. This option works best when you just want to get out of the marriage as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Hiring a divorce lawyer is recommended for both cases. They will have the experience needed to address your particular problems in a no nonsense manner.

Tips for Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

When you are deciding what lawyer to hire one of the most important factors is finding someone who keeps current on the ever changing court rules and appellate court decisions that may impact your case. Higher fees do not translate to a better lawyer.

What fees will my lawyer charge?

Some lawyers charge an hourly fee and charge for every minute they spend thinking, talking, driving to the courthouse and actually working on your case. Others, such as Steven D. Miller, P.A. charge a flat fee for their services. You decide what is best for you.

Relationships Among Lawyer and Client

Some lawyers are not the best communicators. Steven Miller is not your typical lawyer! He will let you know in clear, plain, easy to understand English how best to resolve your family law problem.

If you have questions – call or email. Doing nothing is the worst thing possible because you will most likely become frustrated and upset with your lawyer. Steven Miller, Esq. does not charge a fee to talk – ever – so you should not feel any financial obligation not to call.

What could happen if I do not have a lawyer in court?

  • You may lose/waive valuable rights regarding your property and children without one.
  • Bad results or “buyer’s remorse” after entering a bad agreement without understanding all of your options.
  • Paying a large fee to fix a bad result or mistake.

What are the benefits of using a lawyer?

  • Documents properly prepared and timely filed.
  • Full knowledge of the Florida Rules of Court including, but not limited to, the family rules.
  • Proper legal advice on best way to solve your problem.

Is it worth my money to hire a lawyer?

Do-it-yourself is not the best way to go – you can afford a lawyer.

Paralegals are not lawyers (they try to be) and are prohibited from giving legal advice of any sort.

Court clerks are not lawyers and can only sell you a package of forms – not legal advice!

You might end up paying more in court without a lawyer. Save yourself the trouble from the beginning and hire a reputable divorce lawyer from the beginning.

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