Why People Hate Attorneys

Why People Hate Lawyers

Posted in Lawyers on February 17, 2017

Webster’s dictionary defines SCUMBAG as a person who is a “dishonest, unkind, or unpleasant person.” Sounds like a description many people have for lawyers.

A lawyer’s job is to advance the interests of their client, within the boundaries of the law – based upon facts, not just B.S. that you make up.

The problem is that MONEY makes some lawyers advance a client’s agenda that they know is not supported by the law or facts.  But, as they say, ONCE A …. You get it, I am sure.

Here’s today’s S——G -of-the-day story.

The names have been omitted to protect the innocent – ME. Some lawyers get very upset when you expose them for what they really are.

Here are the facts:

Mass. Divorce – 3 kids, money, property, alimony. I represent MOM in POST divorce proceedings. She is nice lady, had some major health issues at time of divorce that caused her to settle her case with great pressure from her then lawyer of Boston, MA –that is another story altogether; suffice it to say, he sold her down the river.

She never should have settled the child-related issues. Why? Father, a doctor employed by a prestigious university in Massachusetts had a bit of a problem – sex addict. Now, I like sex as much as the next guy but his addiction was something more – MUCH more. He liked to do anything or anybody, anywhere, anytime, made no bones about it and had an alias that he used when trolling online for partners. Knowing all that, the 1st set of lawyers talked mom into allowing the “good” Dr. unfettered access to the children with NO safeguards, supervision or limitations. GREAT job.

Mother decides to remarry and move  down the road and all hell breaks loose – father files complaints for modification and contempt. Basis of both is that getting married and moving is something he should have been involved with and because he wasn’t – he should get full child custody and she should be held in contempt of court.

This is where I come in – got hired to defend these 2 actions. Reviewed everything and told client – BUNCH of HOOEY, no merit. Getting married and moving down the road not enough to warrant modification or contempt.

I did what any diligent Florida divorce lawyers should do and called the other side.  I explained my thoughts to him, which did not go over too well. For 2.5 years this worm of a lawyer tried to get my client to settle – each and every time he tried to discuss settlement his demands decreased. He was begging to settle the case by the time we got to trial in July. Begging I tell you, like the little coward he truly is – a lawyer who did not have the power of his convictions, a lawyer who, in my opinion, filed this case to beat a cancer survivor into submission – again.

A lawyer who took about $300k from his sick, deranged client – so sick that he posted pictures of himself with his junk (I think that’s what the kids call it these days) tied up – a lawyer who routinely whispered things under his breath to get a rise out of me as we walked into court, a lawyer who made fun of my favorite sports jacket (that one really hurt my feelings as it is a very nice “hound’s-tooth” type of pattern that I bought about 20 years ago) and a lawyer who said the following words to the judge after one of my many objections to his closing argument (99% of which were sustained) Ready – this is what he said, I can’t make this stuff up – the experienced trial lawyer that he is:

Miller: Objection. Relevancy. (Lawyer was giving his personal opinion about “facts” that were never introduced into evidence).

Boston Lawyer: Judge, can you please ask Mr. Miller to stop interrupting me during my closing argument. He is not letting me finish my thoughts.

The judge was baffled and reminded him that we are in trial and that’s what trial lawyers do.

Boston Lawyer: Thank you your Honor, nothing further.

Bottom line: Judge gave them nothing, decreased Father’s time-sharing – something we did not ask for – and increased child support on his own.

Great job Boston Lawyer.  You be the judge!

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