You're Ready for a Divorce Now What Happens?

You’ve Decided You’re Ready for A Divorce, What Happens Next?

Posted in Lawyers on February 4, 2017

Divorce – ‘dissolution of marriage’ –  is one of the most difficult decisions in life. It is followed by pain, and anxiety. Generally, divorce isn’t considered a good thing, but sometimes it becomes inevitable and you are left with no choice but to part ways. The path to divorce seems easy, but its legal nature is complex and you can end-up with more problems than you started with if “going it alone” without a Florida divorce lawyer.  There are a myriad of laws which come into play when you file a divorce: residency requirements, grounds of divorce, property division factors, child issues parental responsibility, legal address, parenting plan and not abiding by the Florida child support calculator are just few examples of the scores of factors to be considered. A Florida divorce lawyer can and will help you get through these issues.

When Should I Seek Legal Guidance For My Divorce?

When you finally decide to file the Florida divorce papers, you should seek legal guidance; something only a Florida lawyer can provide. Lawyers know the Florida divorce laws and how to save you money. Problem is that many Florida divorce lawyers don’t want to save your money; rather, they want it for themselves.  Whether your case is uncontested (you agree on all issues) or contested (one or more issues not resolved) a Florida divorce lawyer is the best way to get through the Florida divorce process.

Why shouldn’t I hire a Paralegal or attempt a DIY Divorce?

Getting a Florida Divorce is not rocket science.  However, there are rules of court and Florida divorce laws for divorce requirements Florida that must be complied with to get through the process smoothly, cost effectively and as quick as possible.  Going it alone will, most assuredly, cause the process to be slower than it needs to be.  Using a non-lawyer is a bigger problem because they are not permitted to give legal advice.  Our experience is that these non-lawyer companies make mistakes in filling out the Florida divorce paperwork (all they are allowed to do is “fill in the blanks”) that will also cause unnecessary delay.  Do yourself a favor and hire a Florida divorce lawyer.  There are more lawyers in Florida than Carter’s has liver pills.  The trick is finding one who will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to know – two very, very different things.

Not sure what attorney you should hire?

Most important – they listen!  No lawyer, no matter how much they charge can do a good job unless they listen to you.

Make sure lawyer talks “English.”  English that you understand – NOT the lawyer mumbo/jumbo English.

Fixed Fee or Hourly Payment? What Should you Choose?

Money, Money, Money – it’s usually all about the money with lawyers.  Here are your choices:  (1) hire a billable hour Florida divorce lawyers and pay for every phone call, email, chat with secretary, when he thinks about case while standing at the office urinal or (2) hire a Florida lawyer that charges a flat fee depending on the service you need.  Getting a Florida divorce does not need to cost an arm and a leg but will if you let it.  Remember, you are in charge of your case.  Make sure you understand what the Florida is doing and why!  Doing unnecessary work for the sole purpose of generating more billable hours is wrong.  Take control of your case and your money!

Words of Advice

  • First, hire a lawyer – hopefully me, Steven D. Miller, Esq.
  • Second, hire  a lawyer – me, Steven D. Miller, P.A.
  • Third, see #1 and #2.