Understanding Why People Hate Lawyers

Understanding Divorce Lawyers

Posted in Lawyers on February 16, 2017

Most lawyers don’t talk English.  They talk like, well, a lawyer and most of the time you’ve got absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.  It’s frustrating, you’re paying a lot of money and you really should be able to understand what your lawyer’s talking about. Makes sense, right?

As a lawyer, you’d think that I would understand lawyer talk.  Sometimes I do but, if I don’t and you don’t, here’s what I know and the rule you should live by: whatever’s coming out of the lawyer’s mouth is B.S., double talk, hooey, a bunch of crap.

When a lawyer doesn’t like what they’re hearing from you, lawyer or not, they get defensive and like a child will yell.  Once a lawyer starts to yell – you know they are wrong, wrong, wrong.  You have broken them, much like a wild horse.

I talk in very plain English and have never been accused of speaking in “lawyer talk”. It makes lawyers crazy because most of them think we should all talk in code so nobody else understands what the hell is going on?   When I tell what I think and why, many times they get defensive and don’t know what to think:  like I’ve violated some sacred rule.

Anyway, here’s today’s story – a true story – I couldn’t make this stuff up:

I am involved in a bit of a business dispute with, of course, another Florida divorce. Nice person and pretty down to earth. I am correct in the dispute but she hired a lawyer and we have been trying to get this silly thing resolved. Resolution, if possible, is always better than litigation, but we’ll talk about that some other time.  Anyway, this lawyer doesn’t have the balls to call me so we exchange emails.  My emails have been very direct and to the point – I don’t use a lot of words.  In one of his last emails, the other lawyer lost it and starting yelling at me.  Remember, a yelling lawyer is desperate.  No facts, no law, nothing left so yell.  The words were harmless enough but he yelled.  Yes, Attorney Dave Lanigan from Tampa, Florida yelled in an email:

How does one yell in an email?  Watch this video for the answer.


Lawyers are funny, funny people. There are some very good divorce lawyers around and many who have no idea what they’re doing and should think before they speak. A good lesson for anyone.

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